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Learning the Tarot
The Tarot is a mysterious book which has inspired all the other sacred writings of the ancient peoples, based on the analogy between images and number which have become a means of divination. Of course, not everybody is able to develop channelling, telekinesis, clairaudience, clairvoyancy or clairsentience capacities, but the tarot divination can be easily learnt, as well as astrology or numerology.
You do not have to master medium powers or to be an expert in esp or in parapsychology. Tarot readings can help everybody who has a little intuition to enter the magic universe of spiritual healing or precognition, just using imagination in order to interpret the symbols of the cards. You must not be paranormal or a keen psychic, you do not need telepathic or remote viewing capacities and you do not need to practice any kind of meditation in order to interpret the tarot signs in a perfect state of consciousness.
Here are a few of the major arcanas of the tarot, explained. The Fool represents the child within us, a new, spontaneous beginning, open mind, no prejudices, no worries, playful indifference and it shows us that we pass without expecting anything special, to a new stage of our life. It can have a double meaning: a childish, innocent nature or even foolishness. This card always shows a refreshing experience which can have sometimes chaotic features, but it does not represent a real danger.
The Lovers mixes two themes. It can indicate a great love experience, but it also brings forward the fact that the decision of a unique love must be taken. This card was once called the Option. You must make a choice without letting more gates open. Anyway, it is a positive card.
The card called the Sun represents joy for life, vitality, warmth and confidence. It represents the forces of the light belonging to the conscious mind, which can help us clear off any fear. It is the symbol of freshness and of a new lease of life. It suggests us to overcome darkness within us and to develop an enlightened personality.

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Death means separation, end, giving up something, but it can as well underline a new beginning. The card represents the fact that we must let something go. The Devil is a card which can hardly be explained. It is the expression of addiction, lack of will, failure, temptation. It shows us that we have entered a dangerous game and we must pay attention not to lose our head. The deep meaning of this card is that we highlight our dark side.

There are more major arcanas and minor ones and if you have than patience necessary to study their meanings and then to adapt them to the situation of your life or of your friends’ lives you will have the pleasant surprise to find out about crucial events of your lives a little earlier than their occurrence

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The tarot always tells the truth and it can be a useful instrument for everybody who wants to answer their most tormenting questions.